Our Mission

Doing great work with great people to provide exciting, engaging, & educational experiences for families of all ages.

We are an attraction design company that sparks the senses and creates joy in every immersive experience and attraction we design. Capturing the client’s dream vividly and successfully designing, all while staying realistic to limits. We ignite innovation, story-driven, immersive, repeatable and diverse experiences. Established in 1994, our ten–member multidisciplinary design team is focused on visitors, with a dedication to creating enjoyable, educational and memorable experiences for all ages in the family. We are well qualified to handle the demands of large scale projects as well as supplying the personal touch required on smaller–size projects. 

Our experience in visitor attractions and entertainment projects has given us a different perspective on the exhibit design profession. We endeavor to create exhibits that are as fun to visit as they are informative and educationally accurate. KD+P approaches every project as an original idea and a unique opportunity to provide distinctive results for our clients and their visitors.