Duke Energy Children’s

Duke Energy Children’s Museum
Energy Zone, Animal Spot, and WaterWorks
Cincinnati, OH

Energy Zone is an active environment where children are challenged to work alone or as a group using simple machines and various power sources to move lightweight balls to load the "Big Bucket". When full, sirens sound, lights flash, and the bucket opens raining balls down on eagerly awaiting visitors. This is the "Original" ball machine paving the way for hundreds of iteration throughout recent years!

Animal Spot allows the museum to highlight some of their extensive natural history collection. Combined with a wide variety of interactive exhibits as well as large aquariums and a whimsical style, Animal Spot is a must experience for the young naturalist.

WaterWorks explores the properties of water in two settings. The river area entices the visitor to experience floating and sinking, water currents, flooding and a lock system. The mechanical area uses bucket lifts, water wheels and water pressure to interact with a host of visual elements to queue the visitor of the fun and exploration.

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